Baltic Birch Plywood

WoodStyle | Finnish Birch Trees

If we are not using hardwoods for our projects then we are using Baltic Birch Ply because quite simply it is the best plywood there is.

Baltic Birch is a hardwood tree that grows in sustainably managed forests in countries that border the Baltic Sea in northern Europe. The plywood we use comes from Finland.

The wood is very strong, relatively light. It is very attractive with a light creamy colouring. It is extremely consistent is its appearance with very few imperfections. We use the best grade available.

The glue used in the plywood is waterproof and is rated by the European Union Standards Authority as having ultra low formaldehyde levels.

Baltic Birch Ply sands to a delightfully smooth finish.

We then apply a range of finishes to protect and nurture the wood. Learn more about our finishes.