Cutting Board Design Features

End grain board design features

Silicon feet give the board great stability no matter what the surface. The cutting surface is rock solid and will not slide around. This is a huge advantage when cutting hard vegetables etc. The feet are fastened with stainless steel screws which will never rust. The feet will also ensure that the board never sits on a wet surface (see Caring for your board).

Finger grips on cutting boards assist with picking up the boards as they can be quite heavy.

Handles on serving boards make carrying easier and are bolted on for strength.

Crisp edges on our boards give a very attractive and professional look.

Oiled and waxed finish. Each board is bathed in WoodStyle Mineral Oil, twice, giving the oil opportunity to penetrate deeper into the wood fibres. It is then waxed with WoodStyle Hot Wax which is a blend of Bees Wax, Carnauba Wax and Mineral Oil. The wax is applied hot and soaks deep into the surface. Finally it is buffed to a silk smooth, satin finish which shows off the true natural beauty of the wood.

This surface does require simple maintenance. If done regularly, it will keep the board looking beautiful for many years.

All oils and waxes are US DFA approved as safe for contact with food.