•    End and Edge Grain Cutting Boards
  •   Rainbow Rocker and Sugalump Rocking Horse
  •    Beautiful Designs for the fashionable kitchen
  •    Carve your Roast in style

Welcome to WoodStyle

With great pride we welcome you to WoodStyle. We invite you to view a unique selection of beautiful hand made wood items for your home.

Our range of hardwood cutting boards will bring joy to your kitchen.

You will feel that inner glow of satisfaction as you carve your roast on a WoodStyle carving board.

Develop or rehabilitate your balance with our incredible Curvee Balance Board.

Your young children will squeal with delight at the many hours of fun they will have on a Rainbow Rocker.

Please enjoy browsing our catalog and feel free to contact us with any questions or special requests you may have.

The WoodStyle Team