The Montessori philosophy is centred around encouraging creativity and independence. It is not only applied in the classroom, but also beneficial in the home. Maria Montessori believed it is important to create an environment where everything is within a child’s reach, even from a very young age. The Montessori bedroom has a few specific furniture items to enable this.


The first item in the Montessori bedroom is the Floor Bed. A cot requires Mum or Dad to take the child out when awake and place them in the cot when it is sleeping time. In contrast, the Montessori Floor Bed, which sits very low to the floor, allows the child to climb in and out of the bed and encourages them to choose when to sleep.


The second item found in a Montessori Bedroom is a Toy Shelf. Rather than have toys stored away from the child, the toy shelf presents a small curated selection of toys within easy reach of the child. The child is able to choose which toy they would like to play with. The curated selection is rotated periodically to provide variety.


The next item is a Montessori Wardrobe. In keeping with the principle of empowering the child to choose, the wardrobe is small, at the child's height and presents a curated selection of clothing. The child then has the responsibility to choose the day's outfit.



Books are displayed in a Montessori Book Case. Again at floor level, the books are displayed face outwards for easy recognition. At story time, the child is able to choose which book to be read.



Finally, at meal times, instead of being held captive in a high chair, the child is encouraged to eat at their own table and chair. Also known as a weaning chair, the child is able to leave the table when finished and return when hungry, once again reinforcing choice and responsibility.



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The Montessori Bedroom

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