Balance Boards

For children

Both Montessori and Waldorf curricula use Balance Boards for early childhood development of balance, stimulation of the vestibular system and proprioception (awareness of one's physical body and its parts).

Curvee Balance Boards also have great open ended play value. They are played with in so many ways!


For health

Curvee Board - Stretching

Tone and Shape
Spend two minutes on a Curvee Balance Board and you will know exactly where it works. Superb for toning and shaping, it will work those core muscles, and almost every leg muscle.

Aching back?
Flip the Curvee over and lie down on it. With your hands over your head, deep breath in. As you exhale allow your back to elongate. Relief!

Knees, hips and ankles
We have supplied Curvees to several Physio practices for use in hip, knee and ankle rehabilitation post trauma or surgery.

Balance Rehabilitation
Post surgery, some people take time to regain their balance. The Curvee is an excellent tool for retraining your vestibular system. To start, try the Curvee in a doorway so you can hold the door frame for safety.

Yoga and Pilates
Use the Curvee as a Yoga or Pilates prop. Great for stretches. If you get sore wrists, flip the Curvee over and grip the sides for a more comfortable position for floor exercises.

Anxiety, Autism and ADHD
Rocking motion is often a recommended therapy for people dealing with Anxiety, Autism or Attention disorders. The Curvee is perfect for these therapies.
Please consult your Doctor for best practices.

Balance Boards

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