How do we finish our products

A good finish is essential to protect and nurture the wood. It also makes the product look really pretty.

We finish all our indoor products with a Hard Wax Oil, imported from Germany. This is made from natural plant based oils and cures to a non-toxic finish. It takes seven to ten days to cure fully! The result is a beautiful warm satin sheen that is wonderful to touch and 100% child safe.

The surface is water resistant but still should be dried if exposed to moisture.

As Hard Wax Oil is absorbed into the wood, the wood surface is actually strengthened by the cured oil. If ever the surface is scratched, it is very easy to lightly sand and touch up. This is very different to varnishes which sit on the wood and require heavy sanding to repair properly.

A few of our products are intended for outdoor use. We coat these with a water based clear acrylic coating. This gives it a higher degree of water resistance and UV protection. This finish is non toxic.

We use non toxic, water based craft paints for all our colour parts. These are overcoated with the water based clear acrylic to prevent any colour transfer.

Nothing in any of our products can cause harm if licked, sucked or chewed by your child.

Many manufacturers of products similar to ours do not apply a finish. They do this because it is cheaper. Finishing takes as much time as actually making the product.The problem with this is that all timbers will rough up when they get wet, be it from a bit of sweat, or spilled drink. This makes the wood uncomfortable to the touch and even the risk of splinters. It also means the wood will stain over time and lose it's attractiveness.